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About Haori

Haori are mid-length coats that serve as light coats to be worn over kimonos. Haori were originally meant to be worn by men as a component of the hakama. The original function of the haorihaori was to keep the kimono from being exposed to the elements.

Haori, as you can see from the measurements of those that we sell, are of various lengths and widths, but most fall into the neighborhood of 50 inches wide by 30 inches long. Shorter ones are meant for domestic wear, whereas the longer ones are for more formal occasions. Length corresponds to formality. The kuro montsuki haori is a formal black silk or crepe haori that is meant for such formal occasions as graduations or mourning.

Some of the haori that we have for sale are of the shibori, or resist-dyeing, variety. Whatever the style, haori are great as clothing, as décor or sources of material for special sewing, quilting or other crafts projects.

The information on this page was compiled and condensed from several of the kimono books featured on this site. We especially recommend The Book of Kimono for those interested in further such details about kimono, haori, and obi.

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